About Awerian

Awerian is a network of independant law firms in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Liechtenstein. The network had been founded already back in 2003 with Michael Brandauer (bmp LEGAL) as one of its co-founders. It provides independent legal advice to represent your interests in the most suitable and professional way. Our common vision is to secure the rights of our clients in a pragmatic, involved and determined manner. 

With offices in the major European economies, Awerian is the cross-border practice that facilitates the efficient provision of multidisciplinary legal services to businesses operating in the European Union. Our distinctive cooperation between boutique law practices creates unique benefits for our clients; not only the various local legal insights, but also the personal contact between our clients and the partner involved. 

Alongside the extensive experience of our local offices, Awerian allows our clients to benefit from the experience and knowledge in each of the jurisdictions covered. 

Thanks to Awerian, you can now retain the services of an integrated network of boutique business law firms to respond to cross-border challenges and opportunities in a more cost-efficient approach.

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About ICLA (International Commercial Law Alliance) 

Since 2012 our law office - via the Austian Legal Network (ALN) - forms part of ICLA which is an internationial network of independant law offices all over the world. Michael Brandauer had been elected within ALN as its "minister of foreign affairs" representing ALN and bmp LEGAL at the ICLA level.  

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